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The down and dirty outline of an upcoming game I'll be developing devoted to my friends OjokoAya and Justine. Please do not copy or use material without my permission. Thanks!
GJ Dragon Slayer by StephLS Our hero with her companion Leo after slaying the green dragon, Drake.
Title-Hero's Labyrinth

Opening scene- Our scribe introduces you to our unlikely hero and narrates the events that lead to the arrival at High Wizard Magiks.

Magic Shop- You meet Justine who will gift you enchanted armor if you assist her in calming her pet carniflower. Upon receiving the armor you leave the shop and head to the Hero’s Labyrinth to test your strength.

Hero’s Labyrinth - Dungeon style maze full of various wild beasts. The goal is to defeat the boss at the end of each maze. In each maze you earn store credits for the magic shop and level up.

Magic Shop- You return to the shop after completing each maze where you can complete various puzzles and challenges to either: A) Change pets, B) Train pet, C) Upgrade your stats.

Labyrinth levels: 10

After completing level 10 you can challenge the king to become the new ruler of the land.


High Wizard Magiks

    ·         Wizard Justine <Wizard Justine Flash by StephLS

    1.       Battle Buddies – Awarded on completion of Tile Swap Puzzles with the appropriate token.
Hero's Labyrinth: Sleipnir by StephLS Hero's Labyrinth: Leviathan by StephLS Hero's Labyrinth: Behemoth by StephLS

    §  Lion-*Starter Pet*

    §  Ziz (available after lvl 2)

    §  Behemoth (available after lvl 3)

    §  Leviathan (available after lvl 5)

    §  Sleipnir (available after lvl 10)

    2.       Armor Enchantments – Add elemental resistance to armor & power to sword.

    §  Fire crystal

    §  Earth crystal

    §  Aero crystal

    §  Water crystal

    §  Dark crystal

    §  Lightning crystal

Hero’s Labyrinth

    ·         Treasure & rewards/lvl

    1.       Fire crystal (treasure chest), 1 Magiks credit.

    2.       1 Magiks credit/Purple pixie slain, Ziz token (to unlock Ziz pet).

    3.       Earth crystal (treasure chest), 1 Magiks credit, Behemoth token (to unlock Behemoth pet).

    4.       1 Magiks credit, Water crystal from Kraken.

    5.       1 Magiks credit/Purple merperson slain, Leviathan token (to unlock Leviathan pet).

    6.       1 Magiks credit, Aero crystal from Harpy.

    7.       1 Magiks credit/ Purple witch slain, All Stat Bonus token (redeemable at Magik).

    8.       1 Magiks credit, Dark crystal from Skeleton King.

    9.       1 Magiks credit/ Purple mummy slain, Pet skill token (redeemable at Magik).

    10.   Sleipnir token (to unlock Sleipnir pet) & Lightning crystal from treasure chest.

    ·         Enemies/lvl

    1.       Miner moles, grumble bees

    2.       Pixies, Imps

    3.       Sabertooth tigers

    4.       Shark, Eel

    5.       Merpeople

    6.       Satyrs, Wind elementals

    7.       werewolves,  witches

    8.       Zombies, Reapers

    9.       Mummies

    10.   Ice Giants, wolves

    ·         Bosses/lvl

    1.       Carniflower

    2.       Ziz

    3.       Behemoth

    4.       Kraken

    5.       Leviathan

    6.       Harpy

    7.       Vampire

    8.       Skeleton King

    9.       Sphinx

    10.   Sleipnir

Training Grounds

    ·         Practice combat with your pet against training dummies.

Aerok Castle

    ·         Final Boss Battle: King Zephyr & Jynx

    o   King Zephyr – Sword Slash, Tempest (Wind/Water Magic Attk), Shield Charge

Jynx – Gravity bomb (Dark/Earth Magic Attk), Restore x3 (when King HP <25%), Three Wishes (Fire/Wind/Water Magic Attk, when Genie HP <25%).

I know this is a little rough but don't hesitate to put your two-cents in ;)


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